Please keep in mind this is not a complete comprehensive manual for installing shade sails but merely a guide to help you with the basic steps. Just like any task, you will soon develop your own tricks and skills.

Shade sails can be used in both domestic and commercial applications. Installing shades over your swimming pool, patio, outdoor entertainment areas and carport are now very popular in a domestic setting. Commercial uses for shade sails and structures include applications such as childcare centres, car park shade, smokers’ areas and cafe eating areas.

If you are considering installing a shade sail at your home or business, there are some factors you should take into consideration. It is important that these factors are thought through carefully to ensure you receive the best product possible. Home or business owners purchasing a shade sail should be aware that there are not only varying levels of quality but also variations in the quality of installation methods.

Here are a few points to consider before purchasing or installing a shade sail:

Building approval

Always check with local authorities (council) for any relevant building regulation before installing any shade sail.


Note the direction of the sun during the time you need the most shade. Make sure that the shade sail you have chosen will fit the desired space. Consider any dangers or obstacles such as power wires, water pipes and barbecues etc.


Take into account your local wind conditions, speed and direction. Also consider surrounding environment like trees etc.